The sound of colours

”Light floods into the rooms at Landskrona Art Gallery. It is therefore a highly suitable place to show Sylvia Naimark’s paintings; sometimes they almost seem to have been painted with light.”

ART. Especially when she paints on hardboard and MDF board, the surfaces become shiny and almost glossy, which reinforces even more the sound of the colours and the sometimes hallucinatory atmosphere of the motifs.

Broad, transparent brush strokes, where the paint has sometimes been allowed to run and form dried-up rivulets, build up dreamlike landscapes inhabited by sketched figures. In layer upon layer, thin strokes of diluted paint give an effective sense of depth. In a work like “Messenger”, where “The Children from Mount Frostmo” meet fifties’ nostalgia in a surrealistic rendering with distinctly mythological overtones, this technique works best. Pencilled hints of a group of skating children, carrying instrument cases, glide across the dreamy landscape.

Although they seem to have sprung from some kind of giant, meaty rose, they carry their message forward with calm determination in an incipient snowstorm where the paint, like thin snow, drifts over the bright, almost blinding scene. It is fascinating and bewildering, and it doesn’t really matter whether it is an ancient allegorical tale or just a childhood memory.”

Linda Fagerström
Hd 11/2 2010
(Helsinborgs dagblad)