Contrasts at Kaz

It is both sooty and drenched in light.
Sylvia Naimark is not afraid of contrasts.

”Sylvia Naimark patiently paints layer upon layer, covers over, searches with a clarity of observation and a tense awareness. Romanticism is a haunting presence like a legacy, strained through modernism and the freedom of postmodernism.
It is painting that builds on intuition and that develops our way of looking. It presses its way past words and verbal assertions and it touches upon a knowledge that is conveyed just through the specific qualities and visuality of painting.
The paintings open up an inner landscape.
They exist in their own right but she seldom paints without the presence of human beings. The figures are sometimes replaced by animals. ”(For example, one of a thrush-like bird with a vibrant red patch on its throat.
It shines with spring’s unexpected vitality – the bird’s song becomes a spring sacrifice.)


VLT 21 March 2009